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Den Hardy
professional musician and teacher
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Since time immemorial, humans have been searching for a sense of meaning in life. Religion, faith and cultural myth are vehicles for the expression of this sense of meaning, which at its most profound, is the recognition of the divine principle, the absolute ‘godhead’.

About this Site

ChakraThis site provides a body of esoteric and ‘mind, body, spirit’ information. We have a large section on stones and crystals that also relate and cross-reference to our healing and astrological information. The source of this knowledge comes from a wide range of ancient cultural belief systems including, Pagan, Christian, Buddhist, Hindu and others, and which flourish today and are still relevant in a modern world. Many of these traditions have their own divination systems that aim to commune with the energies of the sacred earth, or with various Gods and Goddesses or Angels. We have included general and specific categories, for example, within our section on Magic you will find some pages that explain the workings of Kabbalistic magic and sympathetic magic.

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