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Who are Angels and what is their purpose?

It seems that like many other aspects of human interest and experience, the rise and fall of ‘fashionable’ pursuits includes also an interest in Angels. Wide interest in Angelic forces, has been experiencing a rise in popularity for a number of years now. Angelic relationships, unlike many other esoteric practices, do not rely on the priest or other godly expert to give directions. There are numerous accounts of individuals having direct contact with their Guardian Angels.


But who are Angels? Almost without exception, regardless of time, culture or religion, we find a common pictograph that symbolises the Angel.  This pictograph presents a human-like, semi-divine being whose wings allow them to traverse the spaces between heaven and earth. Although the angel may be given a different name, (after all ‘Angel’ is an English, Greek derived label meaning messenger), the image in enduring. Christian accounts, include Mary’s visit from Angel Gabriel, announcing the birth of her son Jesus. But of course this was actually pre-christian. So strong has the resilience of Angels been, within the Christian faith, that in 1968 the Opus Sanctorum Angelorum Society was finally approved by the Church. And angelsit seems that the church have been so keen to take control that their initiates are now required to swear allegiance to Church and God. Within Islamic teachings we find the belief that it was Angel Gabriel who directed Mohammed to reveal the Koran; and belief in Angels is 1 of the 6 articles of faith for the Muslim. In Norse mythology we find the stories of the Valykyries, in Hindu and Buddhist teachings we experience the Angels as Devas, Shining Ones and Bohdisattvas. Throughout human history we have been filled with awe, wonder and the need to communicate with these divine beings who we firmly believe are on our side, can help us and guide us. If we are looking for a wide and general definition of ‘Angel’, perhaps we might consider the following:
 “A Form of divine being, able to traverse the spaces between heaven and earth as recorded throughout history, and able to communicate with both  a higher divinity or creator and humanity, often bringing messages that guide or announce action”