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Aquarius - January 21 - February 19Aquarius

AquariusFixed Air Sign

Keywords: detached, original, eccentric, independent, cranky, sociable, innovative & progressive.

Aquarians can seem rather cold and detached at times, but this is mainly their humanitarian quality at work. They find it difficult to be anything other than the same to everyone. This has a very positive side, because it means they are reluctant to take sides.

Even their closest family may be surprised at their reluctance to join a dispute that has nothing to do with them. They simply do not let themselves be drawn into the negativity and trivia of human nature. They work for the good of all. They are upholders of freedom and equality, and have a strong social conscience. But they can be dogmatic and rigid in their views, expecting others to follow suit. Aquarians are logical and rational and often very witty and clever with words. They can easily entertain a crowd and get a party warmed up, simply because they are independent thinkers and don’t usually give hoot what others think. This allows them to be themselves, and whilst the rest of us are worrying about what we should do or say, Aquarius just simply gets on with being Aquarians. These individuals are both analytical and spiritual. They are both scientist and mystic and the movement into the Aquarian age will bring these qualities to humanity. As we move into the future, there is great hope for harmony and mutual understand between the disciplines of science and religion. However, Aquarians can be intellectual bigots and stubborn fanatics of ideology. This ideology is almost always aimed at bettering the lot of humanity, but it is not always accompanied by equal measures of reality. The greatest challenge for Aquarius, is to understand that imposing their point of view and their ideology on others is counter- productive to enabling the freedom they desire for humanity. Aquarian individuals can push back the frontiers of science by their creative and innovative minds, always seeing the old through fresh eyes, to provide exciting ways forward. It must have been an Aquarian who invested the term ‘thinking outside the box’.

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