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Aries - March 21 - April 20Aries

AriesCardinal Fire Sign

Keywords: confident, stubborn, proactive, individual, domineering, romantic, honest & passionate.

Aries people are very romantic. They love to have a mission, and none better than defending a noble cause. They are adventurous idealists who are always seeking new purposes and new ideas.

Aries people are proactive and always do things with complete enthusiasm, but this means they can expend a lot of nervous energy and this can burn them out at times. They need to learn how to relax. They can be head strong, stubborn and firey, but this also allows them to be determined enough to see things through. They detest conventional ‘stick- in- the- mud’ attitudes and have little time for standing on ceremony. You will always know where you are with an Aries as they are direct and forceful characters, who may at times demonstrate a lack of consideration for others. There may be a tendency to be childlike when it comes to getting their own way, but this is because they have a burning passion to be independent and individual. Aries is a great and loyal friend who brings fresh and bright ideas to all relationships. If you want a new perspective on something, ask an Aries; they have the ability to look at even very familiar things with fresh eyes. Unfortunately, practicality does not seem to be part of the language of Aries. They can rush into things without considering the consequences. They find it difficult to admit their mistakes and can be arrogant and confrontational. However, they are very honourable and will almost certainly never talk about you behind your back or tolerate any nasty back-biting. Don’t cramp their style otherwise you may just get trodden on in their rush to escape. They are the adventurers and pioneers of the zodiac especially when it comes to problem-solving and mental challenges.


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