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Astrology The Astrological Zodiac

Astrology is part science and part art. Our ancient ancestors looked to the stars and movements of the heavens, in awe and wonder. They began to make sense of the patterns, and recognising that these patterns were repeating and shifting, and that these astral events could be predicted. There has been a close and developing relationship with the astrological world and the world of humanity.

The characteristics and personality of an individual has become explainable by astrological types, in particular by looking at the traits of the sun sign, houses, aspects, and prominent planets in a natal chart. Astrology has gain sufficient credibility within the areas of human resources, and psychology, meaning that we can no longer dismiss it as incredible. Astrology has a place in our modern world and can reveal much about our life’s path and our individuation process.

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Astrology For thousands of years Astrologers have been studying the correlations between planetary movement and earthly experience. This long line of inherited knowledge, from the observations of heavenly and earthly life, is a testament to the ‘will to meaning’ of human experience. Natal Astrology considers the unique positioning of planets at the time that you were born and offers insight into your personality, strengths, weaknesses & life trends. The Astrologer can offer guidance on how best to make decisions, and act in accordance with future planetary movements that will best assist you.

Natal/Birth Chart £6.99

Useful for those who want to study their own chart using reference books. A full colour laminated natal chart showing planetary positions, houses, aspects etc. Use this chart in conjunction with our astrology pages and learn about astrology as you learn about yourself. Or just keep it as a reminder of what your ascending sign is, where your moon is etc. This is an ideal Gift

Natal Chart plus interpretation, £25

Explore the nature of your personality, spirit-path & life direction, from the perspective of Astrological wisdom. A 16 page, bound interpretation including both personal and professional facets of yourself. Interpretation includes indications of where there may be difficulties, why they occur, and how you can help yourself negotiate these obstacles. An extremely useful guide and reference to help you to understand your life, and the unique lessons that life offers you, and the gifts you bring to this world.

Relationship Analysis: £30

Explore the dynamics of your relationship. Discover insights into the motivations of yourself and your partner. Approximately 20 pages, bound interpretation including how you complement each other. Indicates where there may be misunderstandings and how to overcome them. How best to help your relationship flourish, how to give and receive the best of yourselves. A powerful aid to help you to understand the unique synastry of your relationship.