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Cancer - June 22 - July 22Cancer


Cardinal Water sign

Keywords: insecure, sensitive, caring, fearful, shrewd, intuitive, devious, protective & home-loving.

Cancerians need security and they are very possessive of preserving stability and security. Their home is their sanctuary much more so than for other signs. They do not like change and prefer to keep things as they are. They cling to the past and need to a have a strong sense of connection with their family and their roots.

For Cancerian people, one of the most challenging aspects of life is change, and often they will retreat into their sanctuary when things are changing too much or when they have experienced a trauma of some kind. This tendency to retreat and to cling on to the past, can severely disable them in pursuit of their goals. Having said the, they can act in a very forceful and determined manner, once they are feeling secure and particularly if they have a supportive partner by their side. They rarely have equally balanced partnerships and will tend to either mother the other person, or to need mothering, depending on the chemistry between them. These individuals need to be needed, and are often dependent on this kind of relationship, as it fulfils their longing for a purposeful role. This sign is the hard exterior with a soft centre. They appear to be very solid and self-assured, sometimes even detached and cold, but underneath is a sensitive nature that can be fearful of being alone, lost or unloved. They have great intuition and are ruled by their feelings. There is a highly developed ability to sense atmospheres and the emotions of others. All this emotional energy can lead to resentment when others fail to live up to their expectations, and can also lead to bitterness. Cancerians can have a bit of a chip on their shoulder, feeling that they have been very hard done by. This usually is the result of their deep and confused sensitivity. Cancerians are often good property developers and speculators, having a keen and accurate eye for shifting trends and fashions.

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