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Gemini - May 22 - June 21Gemini


Mutable Air Sign

Keywords: quick-witted, curious, unstable, ingenious, inquisitive, restless, versatile & sociable.

Gemini people are usually very intellectual characters and even where this quality isn’t so evident, they will demonstrate a different type of cleverness, e.g. in practical matters. They are always seeking knowledge and they get right into any subject without leaving a stone unturned.

They do not suffer fools gladly and should be very careful not to make others feel small. They think quickly and generally this is a great asset. On the other hand, this means they can ‘flit about’ in their minds, and never manage to decide on which course of action to take. They do not form close relationships easily, and they always seem to hold back a part of themselves. Gemini needs change and stimulation to keep them healthy in mind, body and spirit. They are excellent communicators and excellent analysts, except when it comes to themselves. There seems to be a great struggle in this area, and they often fail to understand their own motivating emotions and psychological issues. Having a Gemini around means lots of great conversations, that will inspire, stimulate and amuse. They are experts when it comes to entertaining and always have something interesting to say. There is a natural excellence for debate and arbitration. Adaptability is another Gemini trait, and they will often make changes just for the sake of change. They have an elusive quality to their being and a sense of a split personality. One moment they can be highly sociable, entertainingly witty and fun; the next moment they are abrupt, offhand and distant. They are complicated people, who are very clever and sometimes very unstable. But, you will never be bored with a Gemini around.

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