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Reiki, Psycho-Spiritual Therapy/Transpersonal therapy, Life Style guidance, Counselling, Regression and Hypnotherapy, Reiki, Chakra clearing, Healing, Astrology consultations & charts,


Please remember that practitioners vary enormously, and we urge individuals to seek practitioners who are qualified, as Counsellors or Psychotherapists as well as being healers, or if you are seeking specifically a form of spiritual healing, you seek out healers who are accredited members of The National Federation of Spiritual Healers (NFSH).

self healVia Sacra means ‘Sacred Way’, and we have chosen this name because we view life as a sacred path to personal growth & happiness, peace and well -being. This path is not always smooth, and sometimes the obstacles we meet present us with difficulty and confusion. Sometimes we are so busy taking care of others that we forget to take good care of ourselves.

Sometimes we meet new and exciting challenges that lift our spirits, and of course we sometimes face the depths of sorrow so profound, that we lose all hope. This is human experience, and at times we may need to share this experience with others, who can help us to feel safe and well. Whether you need an energy boost or healing, need to talk through things that are bothering you, or you have met a point of grief or crisis, you may benefit from seeking the support of a qualified therapist. There are so many forms of therapy and healing available these days, creating a wide range of possibilities for help and support. The down side of this situation, is that it makes choosing a suitable therapy much more difficult. We have provided a summary of some therapeutic approaches, to help you identify which therapyplaster may be most useful.

At Via Sacra we are dedicated to excellence, and as such we encourage all therapists to gain properly accredited qualification and then to gain experienced under supervision. There are many different types of practitioner courses to choose from.

Appropriate supervision and adequate insurance are essential evidence of good practice. Where possible, teamwork and mutual support are encouraged, so that whilst maintaining high individual standards, we all gain greater understanding of other approaches. What this means for our clients is that they can benefit from cross-referrals thereby having easier and quicker access to the right therapy for their needs.