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Kabbalah / Qabalah

Ancient wisdom, and system for Spiritual Development

According to Dion Fortune, the Qabalistic teachings are the ‘Yoga of the West’. The methods of this yoga stem from the ‘Wisdom of Israel’. However, it hardly seems to make sense anymore, to assign these teaching to one particular culture or nation. True, we can find the roots and young stems in the Jewish traditions, but a long period of denial of these teachings by Jewish religious leaders, left the custodial responsibilities to other cultures, traditions, occultists and to the mystery religions of the West. Each wave of student, will meet with the Qabalah and interpret according to their own time and culture.

Ancient Qabalistic teachings have filtered through to us via Greek and Egyptian cultures and also through some inherited aspects of Christianity. Pagan correspondences enrich the understanding of the ‘Tree of Life’, which is used as a blue print or metaphoQabalahr, to describe a structural sense of creation in all its forms dimensions, totality and beyond. The glyph that represents ‘The Tree, ’embodies 10 Sephiroth and 32 paths and 4 worlds. If we are inclined to walk the path of yogi or mystic, and come close to any sense of ‘The Concealed Glory’, we must set foot upon these pathways, and as each one reveals to us its own unique secrets, we will gain greater insight. The Qabalistic initiate will begin to feel a shifting towards the ‘oneness’ with all that is of the absolute creation. The Qabalist teachings require us to accept that beyond Godhead, there exists nothingness. For the western mind this is sometimes a difficult concept. The Qabalistic philosophy also requires that one engages with the teachings as a whole concept. It is hardly a system that can be dipped in and out of at random. The initiate first needs to get to grips with a sense of the structure of this wisdom. The Yogi of the East will dedicate and commit to the pursuit of truth and wisdom, and so too the initiate or ‘Yogi of the West’, must apply the same dedication. The Qabalah is a tried and tested system of spiritual development that brings us closer to the divine. Despite its early roots, this system transcends culture, creed, race or religion. It works well and survives the test of time, because its structure nevertheless allows flexibility of expression, an essential requirement for the human experience.