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Leo - July 23 -August 21Leo


Fixed Fire Sign

Keywords: Generous, arrogant, domineering, sincere, optimistic, dignified, reliable and intolerant.

All Leos believe deep-down that they are royalty, and they expect others to behave accordingly. They are excellent organisers but only ever function at their best when there are some admirers to support them. They need to be appreciated.

Leos present themselves as confident individuals, and they inspire confidence and enthusiasm. It is usually very easy to have faith in a Leo, they just seem so capable, with an air of authority. They thrive on drama and they love to be on stage, which is how they see their lives. They like to have the spotlight firmly pointed at them, as they stand centre stage. They are competitive, even with friends, partners and family. This is much more a matter of pride than necessarily wanting to be the best. One very difficult challenge for Leo, is to conquer feelings of paranoia. If others aren’t wholly with them, they have a tendency to translate this as being enemies. Loyalties are seen as black and white and absolute. Problems in these areas can lead to emotional instability, and they arise because Leo thinks that the world revolves around them, and they just can’t understand how others may not see how very special they are. These individuals have an optimistic view on life and they are also very good at bringing people together. Behind the proud and aloof exterior they are extremely warm-hearted, and this is how they want to be. When they feel that they are popular, they thrive. Despite all the grandeur, drama and regal manner, Leos struggle to have faith in themselves. They secretly need to have the support of family and friends in order to feel stable and safe. They possess a strong creative streak and get a lot of satisfaction from experimenting with different artistic mediums. These individuals need to be careful not to develop a superficial way of life; they may rely too much on appearances.


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