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Libra - September 24 - October 23Libra


Cardinal Air Sign

Keywords: diplomatic, frivolous, indecisive, fair-minded, sociable, esthetic, indolent & perfectionist.

Librans love to create harmony and peace. They avoid quarrels like the plague and will turn a blind eye rather than face a confrontation. But this is no way means they a weak and passive.

A Libran who has been witness to injustice and unfairness can make their disapproval known very clearly. You may be left wondering where that gentle calm creature has gone, and why suddenly this tyrant has appeared. Unfairness is guaranteed to raise the hackles. Librans are in love with love, and spend a lot of time thinking about relationships, but they must be careful not to let their highly tuned intellect turn a loving relationship into an academic study. These individuals are perfectionists and this is exactly how they want the world to be. Ugly surroundings and loud people are to be avoided if well- being is to be maintained. Librans can become ill if they are exposed to the harsher aspects of life too often. They will retreat in an attempt to find that so important harmony and peace. Having the ability to see all points of view, the Libran will often struggle with making a decision. Librans do not see things in black and white, there are just too many considerations, and they usually see them all. Love and marriage are usually of utmost importance to the Libran, and those few who do not find a soulmate will most probably have other very important partnerships. They may be a business partnership. Either way it is hard to conceive of a Libran who does not have at least one major relationship. They are great with people, interested in what others have to say and their point of view. They are born diplomats and can bring harmony where there is discord. The great challenge for the Libran is to admit when love is over, or a relationship has run its course. They can too easily find themselves in worn out loveless partnerships because they cannot face the fact of anything less than perfect. This leads them to an emotional dishonesty, preferring to delude themselves, rather than face separation and loneliness.



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