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Pisces - February 20- March 20PiscesPisces

Mutable Water Sign

Keywords: sensitive, overemotional, escapist, compassionate, slippery, self-sacrificing & imaginative. Pisceans live in a world of feeling.

They are often highly intuitive and psychic. They are altruistic and compassionate. Pisceans can easily lose their identity and end up living their life through the lives of others. The Piscean nervous system is delicate and their emotions seems to be tied-in directly to their physical health.

They must learn to separate themselves from others, or they will experience negative effects from the emotional turmoil of those around them. They are incurable romantics and their special relationships are as sacred as any temple. They are intuitive and often deeply religious or spiritual. This sign is capable of letting go and surrendering to the flow of universal energies; they have an instinctive appreciation of the karmic process. Pisceans are dreamy and changeable, and can blow with the wind. They are not the most dependable of signs. The ‘flowing’ nature of their essence allows them to move constantly between the earthly and spirit realms. They do not like the harsh reality of everyday life and they find their worldly responsibilities a great challenge at times. It is only when they can learn to balance these dimensions, that they can come to take an identifiable role in the world. The identity is often weak as they so readily see the lives of their loved ones as their own. Their capacity for universal love and their empathic nature hides their sense of self. Pisceans lack tact and diplomacy, and they must learn not to voice all their opinions and criticisms out-loud. Their highly developed imagination and creative powers can find an outlet in theatre, film, and all creative arts. One of the greatest challenges is over-coming self-deception. They are always keen to help others but the Piscean must learn to accept that sometimes they do this to have control over others. There is a tendency to use a co-dependency dynamic to take emotional control of others. The answer is to look for the source of their motivations, to work to find their identity.


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