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Sagittarius - November 23 - December 22SagittariusSagittarius

Mutable Fire sign

Keywords: tactless, adventurous, brave, unreliable, self-righteous, generous, optimistic & wise.

Sagittarius is wild and free. They do not like conformity and they love adventure. Always on the look- out for new knowledge and excitement, they will accumulate a small amount of information on a vast range of subjects. ‘jack of all trades and master of none’ may not describe all Sagittarians but it certainly sums up a quality about them.

Their arrows are firmly pointed to the truth, and this is their quest in life; to find the truthful meaning of life. Sagittarians are blunt, to the point, outspoken and will trample on anyone who gets in their way, and they won’t even notice. Often self-righeous, blinkered and dogmatic, they can leave a trail of devastation behind them. But they are also very generous and forgiving, and extremely supportive of friends and family alike. Usually they find independence from parents as soon as possible, as they hate to feel tied in any way. There is a broadmindedness that means they are usually tolerant and accepting of difference and almost never display negative prejudice. Sagittarius is bold and passionate, free and wild. They love to party and this may sometimes border on very liberal attitudes to sex. Often considered to be a ‘lucky’ sign, Sagittarius is so full of optimism and intuition, it is not surprising that they often seem to ‘fall on their feet’. Partnerships must be first and foremost, friends and companions with whom they can have fun and enjoy life. After all life is an adventure. One of the challenges for Sagittarius, is to learn to take time out to reflect on their actions, and to allow themselves to see the consequences of those actions. Sometimes misunderstandings can arise because they are oblivious to their effect on others.


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