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Scorpio - October 24 - November 22Scorpio


Fixed Water sign

Keywords: Loyal, jealous, bitter, profound, vindictive, imaginative, secretive, fearless & deep.

Scorpio is a complicated and misunderstood sign. They are both sensitive and dangerous. This gives an indication of who these individuals are. They are so many contradictions. Scorpio can be reserved and dignified, secretive and aloof and yet all the time they crave for a deep and profound connection with others.

They are prevented from doing this because they so desperately fear that others will not revere the sacredness of their inner self. Most of their relationships will be love-hate affairs, as they want to put their loved ones on a pedestal but they can’t unless they pass the Scorpio scrutiny. And so it seems they cannot win. No wonder they so often resort to bitterness and vindictiveness. They have an intense and total commitment to life and a great capacity for patience. They are often prepared to wait years to achieve a goal. Loss of control is a real fear for Scorpio, and this can lead them to want to control others, to insist their way is correct and to belittle any differing opinions. They make enemies easily and find it almost impossible to regain trust in others once it has been broken. Perhaps their most overwhelming desire is to form deep and profound bonding with all the intensity that only a Scorpio can achieve. Scorpios are immediate in their connection with life, death and birth and have a need to understand their basic instincts and energies, and somehow transform them into a creative re-birthing. They strive to find meaning, truth and purpose in life. Often mystical and deep by nature, the Scorpio motivation is to find a spiritual expression to their sense of truth. They can be deeply religious. Perhaps their greatest strength comes from their ability to delve deep within the psyche to the darkest and most secret places, to reveal and to confront their demons. Scorpio has such a profound capacity for personal transformation, once they humble themselves in the light of the universe. These individuals are spiritual warriors and when they have trodden that dark road, they can give great courage and inspiration to others who also seek to defeat the dark forces of themselves.


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