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Taurus - April 21 - May 21TaurusTaurus

Fixed Earth Sign

Keywords: stubborn, sensuous, calm, affectionate, obsessive, generous, self-indulgent & persistent.

Taureans do not like to over complicate things and believe it’s just not usually necessary. They are practical and prefer to deal in straight forward fundamentals.

They are motivated with an acute sense of survival and are never without concern for their material well-being. With Venus as their ruling planet, the Taurus personality will be highly creative, romantic and sensuous. They are physical, earthy beings, who are usually calm and gentle. They love all the good things in life and need to surround themselves with attractive objects and environment, otherwise they will become depressed. When it comes to material things, they are very possessive and are in this respect they are not so generous. This derives from a need to create a stable and secure life that is solid, real and unshakeable. Taureans need to be on solid ground, especially when it comes to home and money. They are slow and sure by nature and never rush into anything; in fact, they can be infuriatingly slow. Perhaps one area where they may tend to move fast is when it comes to their desires. They can easily be ‘dragged’ along by obsessive emotional attachment, and will not be deterred from their pursuit of the object of desire. On the whole they will act cautiously in most matters, with a tendency to form almost unbreakable habits that last a lifetime. They lack a flexibility of perspective and tend to see life as black and white, and fixed. They are not good at seeing the other person’s perspective and hence, they are not too good a compromise. Perhaps one of their greatest challenges is learning to admit they are wrong and that others may have a valid point of view. Taureans have a great love of music and romance, and they can be delightful company. When they are at their best, they are excellent bubbly companions.


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