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Virgo - August 22 - September 23VirgoVirgo

Mutable Earth Sign

Keywords: dependable, orderly, discerning, modest, critical, pedantic, conscientious and meticulous.

In all aspects of life, the Virgo is discerning and practical realists. They are analytical and meticulous individuals. They are the masters of ‘method’.

Virgoans have highly active and finely tuned minds; actively seeking useful knowledge that will be useful inn ordering the world. Virgo loves to have a regime no matter what part of life it is applied to. They worry about their health and this can turn into a real ‘health anxiety’. They will certainly have lots of information about what they should eat and how they should keep fit. ’ Spontaneous,’ is not in their vocabulary, as they prefer to be well informed and only then will they take slow and careful actions. Too easily they get caught up in the detail and fail, or forget, to look at the bigger picture. For this reason they are often fanatical about their projects and are oblivious to all and everything around them. However, they have a natural ability for healing, being particularly good at diagnosis. They seem to be able to quickly tune into the mind or body of others, and connect with their energies. Their impulse to be of service is very powerfully driven, and they love teaching others how to do things. They have a great talent here because they are so ordered and methodical in their approach. For all of their criticisms of others and there sometimes infuriating insistence on tidiness, they are just scared of chaos and things being out of control. They need to know where they stand and to have everything accounted for. Two of their greatest challenges are, (a) remembering that others get upset when they are criticised, and (b) learning how to relax and be frivolous occasionally.

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