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Den Hardy
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Wicca or Witchcraft dance

Wicca, or Witchcraft as it is also named , is a mystery religion of which it is said, is the oldest religion in the world. Certainly, at the heart of Wicca is to be found, those same elements of reverence that it seems link the people of Wicca to a religious kinship with our ancient brothers and sisters. Generally, the initiates of Wicca come together in small groups called ‘covens’. At the head of each coven is a High Priest and High Priestess, who have passed through the necessary grades of initiation that give them the authority to initiate and teach others.

Two main traditions of Wicca are Gardnerians and Alexandrians, of which the Gardnerian tradition is the oldest, although not by very much. There is some dispute regarding the source of these more modern traditions but nevertheless, Wicca in various forms can be traced back to our earliest ancestors. PentacleWicca is a religion with dual deities, the God and the Goddess. The Wiccan rituals and ceremonies are almost always related to agricultural cycles, the changing seasons and the wheel of the solar year. There is a reverence for all of creation with Mother Earth viewed as an aspect of the goddess. Earth is felt to be a living body of her creation, and humanity her children. Wicca is not a preaching or converting religion. The opposite is probably truer, as many seek to join, but few are chosen. Initiates are required to take an oath of secrecy and so must never intentionally reveal the mysteries of their faith. The Goddess of Wicca is known by many names and aspects of the one Great Goddess. She is also a moon goddess, and as such, she is worshipped by her devotees according to the lunar cycles. The God is the transforming male principle, and the transition of the Sun through the pansolar year. He is also present in all that is of masculine power in nature, as the Goddess is the feminine power, and together they dance the spiral dance of creation. In Wicca, men and women are of equal importance, with great importance given to the polarity of male and female, that complements and balances in their sacred union as ‘one’. This polarity is also expressed within the individual, and the path of Wicca is very much about personal development. Wicca is a nature religion, but also teaches a wide range of approaches to development of psychic, intuitive, ritual and magical skills. The path of Wicca is the path to the embrace of the Gods; to the oneness with absolute godhead.